"It's amazing at school because we always learn together." Josiah, Year 1 | "I like playing in the sand outside with the dinosaurs." Frankie, Reception | " I like sitting smartly and listening." Jack, Year 1 | " I like maths because I like number lines." Callen, Year 2 | " I like playing on the computer." Reece, Reception | " I like topic because we made fire engines." Charlotte, Year 2 | " I like nursery because we learn by having fun." Nancy, Nursery | " I like doing exercise." Millie, Reception | "I like learning sounds." Emilia, Year 1 | "I like my meal at the lunch room." Amy, Reception
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Welcome toGhost Hill Infant & Nursery School


Welcome to Reception


Buttercup and Snowdrop Classes


Our reception classes are called Buttercup and Snowdrop.


Our reception children have the opportunity to choose their own activities, develop a good basis of phonics that sets them up for reading and writing, establish good relationships with their peers and the adults they work with, ignite their curiosity and enhance their skills all in a fun and stimulating environment.


In Reception the children begin the year by learning all about themselves and their friends in their 'Getting to Know You' topic focus.


In the spring term the children learn all about Superheroes and Dinosaurs. The children learn about 2D and 3D shapes, estimating, problem solving, code cracking, addition and subtraction alongside designing their own superhero, making masks, writing about their superhero and doing some invisible writing. They also learn all about the Chinese new year, the artist Lichenstein, dinosaur shape printing, rhyme and drama using various books about dinosaurs and the Easter story.

Our Reception Classes

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Reception In Action!

Reception In Action! 1
Reception In Action! 2
Reception In Action! 3
Reception In Action! 4
Reception In Action! 5
Reception In Action! 6
Reception In Action! 7
Reception In Action! 8
Reception In Action! 9
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Learning is Fun!

Learning is Fun! 1
Learning is Fun! 2
Learning is Fun! 3
Learning is Fun! 4
Learning is Fun! 5
Learning is Fun! 6
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World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1
World Book Day 2019 2

We had lots of fun on World Book Day when we dressed up as our favourite characters.

What is your favourite book? Can you recognise any of the characters?

Outdoor Learning


We have a wonderful outdoor area for our reception children to explore and learn in. This area was recently transformed with the help of The Friend of Ghost Hill School and The Norfolk Grass Co. There are flower beds used for planting, a racing track for riding scooters and bikes, a wildlife area, a mark making area, stepping stones and balance beams and a pirate ship for climbing in, on and around.


The reception children also have access to the main school grounds which includes a pond area, large musical instruments, a wooded area and a larger climbing frame.


Reception children have the opportunity to go on a school trip in the summer term and go on an Autumn walk in Ghost Hill woods.

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