" I like coming to school because all the grown ups are generous, kind and respectful." Ella, Year 2 | " I like reading and writing and words, so when I grow up I can be an author and an artist." Ida, Reception | " I like learning and writing and science." Noah W, Year 1 | " I like doing number jobs." Harvey, Year 2 | " I like playing with the cars and my friends." Tyler, Reception | " I love coming to school because I liked putting the Great Fire of London out!" Scarlett, Year 2 | " I like Assemblies because I like sitting quietly and being respectful." Jacob, Year 1 | " I like working hard!" Jasper B, Reception | "I like drawing with my friends." Aurora, Reception |
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Welcome toGhost Hill Infant & Nursery School

Year 1

Bluebell Class and Primrose Class


Our Year 1 classes are called Bluebell and Primrose. In Year 1, we work together to build relationships with each other and to improve our social skills. We try hard to become confident and fluent readers, capable and creative writers and logical and imaginative problem solvers! We work together in a play based environment and begin to use and apply the skills we are taught throughout all of our lessons. We will be doing lots of outdoor learning this year, which will help us to understand the environment and to learn in a practical way. We will also be doing lots of cooking each week; looking at fresh produce, healthy eating and how to cook a meal from scratch! 


This year we begin our Topic work on ‘Lego’. This will involve building (lots!), designing Lego characters and designing, adapting and making our very own Lego cities. Other topics this year include: Feeling Fab! Let’s Escape, Let’s Communicate and Time.


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