“I like school – learning new things. I like doing maths at school.” – Jennifer, Year 2 | “I like school because there are loads of grown ups to protect us if something bad happens.” Charlotte, Year 1 | “I like doing phonics because I like words.” Jesiah, Reception | “I like doing number jobs.” Harvey, Year 1 | “I like playing with the dinosaurs.” Albert, Nursery | “I love coming to school because everything is fun.” Charlotte, Year 2 | “I like school because we get to do special person.” Sebi, Reception
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Ghost Hill Infant & Nursery School

Welcome toGhost Hill Infant & Nursery School

Year 2

Poppy Class and Daisy Class


The year 2 classes are called Poppy and Daisy.


Our topics include Lets Escape and Lets Communicate! We have lots of fun activities in all our topics. 


In Year 2 at Ghost Hill you will have the opportunity to go on a residential to Holt Hall at Christmas time and a summer trip to the Norfolk Show. You will also make a moving fire engine, build Lego London, learn lots of songs, have dress up days and even go on an aeroplane!






Year 2 Trips 


Holt Hall Residential


In the second half of the Autumn term, the children in year 2 have the wonderful opportunity to stay at Holt Hall for two nights. This is an experience thoroughly enjoyed by both children and staff who attend.


All the activities undertaken at Holt Hall are themed around Christmas and are very creative and imaginative. The children enjoy the chance to stay with their friends and become much more independent from this experience.


Guided Reading Questions