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Congratulations Taverham Tigers!

Congratulations to Taverham Tigers who won the Under 7s Kappa Cup on Saturday at the FDC in Bowthorpe!


Taverham Tigers are Max, Reggie, Jack and William from Daisy Class and Oliver and Jack from Poppy Class. Finley is part of the team but was unable to attend on Saturday. Max scored six of the goals with Reggie scoring one goal. It was an amazing day with lots of other teams attending! 😃⚽🙌


Max: “It was amazing, I scored six goals!”

Jack: “I was really happy to win the cup!”

William: “We won by three goals!”

Reggie: “I was happy, I’ve never had a proper trophy before!”

Oliver: “I was so excited, I was the fastest runner!”

Jack: “I was so happy”