"It's amazing at school because we always learn together." Josiah, Year 1 | "I like playing in the sand outside with the dinosaurs." Frankie, Reception | " I like sitting smartly and listening." Jack, Year 1 | " I like maths because I like number lines." Callen, Year 2 | " I like playing on the computer." Reece, Reception | " I like topic because we made fire engines." Charlotte, Year 2 | " I like nursery because we learn by having fun." Nancy, Nursery | " I like doing exercise." Millie, Reception | "I like learning sounds." Emilia, Year 1 | "I like my meal at the lunch room." Amy, Reception
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Go Go Hares

Ghost Hill are excited to reveal our official hare for the Go Go Hare trail!


We held a competition to come up with our official design, and four of our talented children came up with some incredible ideas! We combined these four ideas to create our final hare.


Every child in the school and nursery helped to decorate our hare, and we are really looking forward to finding it on the Go Go Hare trail this summer.