"I like school because I like learning new things and seeing my friends and teachers." Elsie, Primrose Class | "I feel safe in school and I know I can talk to the teachers if I have any worries." James T, Daisy Class | "I like being outside on the obstacle course." Teddy, Bluebell Class | "I like the kitchen in the role play area." Ruby, Snowdrop Class | "I like being with my friends." Jason, Poppy Class | "I like it when we make things... It's creative!" William, Daisy Class | "I like doing work with numbers." Charlie D, Bluebell Class | "I like playing on the wobbly bridge." Elliott, Snowdrop Class | "I like swimming." Jennifer, Poppy Class
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Healthy Eating in the New Year

Have you, like me, eaten too many sweet things over Christmas? Have a look at the leaflets below for ideas linked to healthy eating and some simple activity ideas to start the new year. All the family can join in!


Norfolk Living Well Brochure


Healthy Families Have More Fun Brochure


Have fun, and you never know, you may even make the change for the better!