"We like Ghost Hill because we can play with our friends, have fun and learn things." Primrose Class | "We like doing hard stuff and learning new things in maths, science, english and phonics. We also like going on school trips!" Daisy Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning the best." Poppy Class | "We like learning maths and phonics, going to assembly, playing at lunchtime and being with friends." Bluebell Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning new things. Our teachers help us learn numbers, new words and how to write our names." Buttercup Class | "We like coming to Nursery because we have lots of good things to do. We like painting, building and playing outside with our friends." Sunflower Class
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Learning Disability Week 2020

Learning Disability Week 2020 will take place online from 15th to 21st June.


The theme of the week is the importance of friendships during lockdown.


Due to coronavirus, we are all currently living in lockdown. This means that many people with a learning disability are feeling lonely, as they are unable to see their friends and families.


We want to show the importance of friendships to help with tackling isolation, as well as exploring the different ways of maintaining friendships during this unusual time.


Create a friendship flag!


We know many people will be unable to see their friends in person at the moment. So Mencap created a pack to help you have a fun video call with your friends! The pack includes how to make a friendship flag which you could make before your video call that shows all the things you like or miss about your friend. You can then show your friends on your video call, hang it up at home or share it on social media.


Click here to visit the Mencap website and to download your friendship flag pack!