"We like Ghost Hill because we can play with our friends, have fun and learn things." Primrose Class | "We like doing hard stuff and learning new things in maths, science, english and phonics. We also like going on school trips!" Daisy Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning the best." Poppy Class | "We like learning maths and phonics, going to assembly, playing at lunchtime and being with friends." Bluebell Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning new things. Our teachers help us learn numbers, new words and how to write our names." Buttercup Class | "We like coming to Nursery because we have lots of good things to do. We like painting, building and playing outside with our friends." Sunflower Class
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Year 1

Bluebell Class and Primrose Class


Our Year 1 classes are called Bluebell and Primrose. In Year 1, we work together to build relationships with each other and to improve our social skills. We try hard to become confident and fluent readers, capable and creative writers and logical and imaginative problem solvers! We work together in a play based environment and begin to use and apply the skills we are taught throughout all of our lessons. We will be doing lots of outdoor learning this year, which will help us to understand the environment and to learn in a practical way. We will also be doing lots of cooking over the course of the year.


This year we begin our Topic work on ‘Location, Location, Location’. This will involve learning about the UK and capital cities, the patron saints and traditional food. Other topics this year include 'I have the power', 'Out of this world', 'If you're happy and you know it', 'Once upon a time' and 'Land Ahoy!'.


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Geography Walk Around Taverham

Geography Walk Around Taverham 1
Geography Walk Around Taverham 2
Geography Walk Around Taverham 3
Geography Walk Around Taverham 4
Geography Walk Around Taverham 5
Geography Walk Around Taverham 6
Geography Walk Around Taverham 7
Geography Walk Around Taverham 8

Outdoor Learning


We love using our outdoor area to continue our learning experience. We are lucky to have a wonderful canopy, so that we can explore and learn outside all year round!


Below left, you can see our bespoke obstacle course, growing and digging areas... and if you look closely, you may even spot our  Guinea Pig in her run! On the right you can see our sensory garden and through to our wooden story circle where we share stories and have adventures.



Phonics is fun outside!

Phonics is fun outside! 1
Phonics is fun outside! 2
Phonics is fun outside! 3
Phonics is fun outside! 4
Phonics is fun outside! 5
Phonics is fun outside! 6
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Year 1 in Action!

Year 1 in Action! 1
Year 1 in Action! 2
Year 1 in Action! 3
Year 1 in Action! 4
Year 1 in Action! 5
Year 1 in Action! 6
Year 1 in Action! 7
Year 1 in Action! 8
Year 1 in Action! 9
Year 1 in Action! 10
Year 1 in Action! 11
Year 1 in Action! 12
Year 1 in Action! 13
Year 1 in Action! 14
Year 1 in Action! 15

Planetarium Visit


Mike from Space Horizons bought his portable planetarium to school. We looked at the stars and planets, and we even got to hold asteroids! We learnt about the first moon walk, and saw a newspaper from when man first walked on the moon.





"I really liked it when we saw the stars" - Zosia

"That was AMAZING!" - Leon

"I liked the pictures of earth" - Finley

"I liked laying on the floor looking up at the stars, it was spinning around" - Olivia

"It was really fun because we were looking at the planets" - Max

"I thought it was really cool" - Reggie

"I liked it when we saw the stars connecting" - Henry

"I liked holding a meteorite" - Phoebe

"I liked looking at pieces of the moon and Mars" - Oliver

"I liked all of it!" - Marcus

"It was interesting because I learnt about a star called Beetle Juice" (nickname) - Harry

World Book Day


We all dressed up as Julia Donaldson characters to celebrate World Book Day.


Which characters do you recognise?