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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Our Year 2 classes are called Poppy and Daisy.


In year 2 we become the oldest members of our school and we work hard to set a good example to the younger children. 


We continue to develop our love of reading by experiencing many books through our reading offer, during our English lessons and at other points in the day. 


We work hard collaboratively and individually to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.  We love building on the geography knowledge we gained in year one to learn about the seven continents and five oceans - we have some great songs to help us with the recall of these and we become fantastic at using atlases to support our understanding of countries, hot and cold areas and weather patterns.


Another great favourite in year 2 is the learning we do on ‘The Great Fire of London’; we enjoy taking part in drama activities to explore events, looking at historical sources and how these help us find out about the past.  We also enjoy looking at how and why changes happened due to past events.    


We have had some exciting visitors and events including ‘Edith Cavell’, an artist who worked with us for the day and a visit from Ed and his ‘Mini Monsters’! 


If you would like more information about our curriculum, please get in touch with a member of staff.




Great Fire of London




What do our children think about Year 2?





Year 2 In Action


At Ghost Hill we don't just work on our own, we work with our friends. This helps us to learn the value of teamwork. We also like to use lots of different resources in our learning!




What do our children think about Year 2?







During December we had several special days to help us think of others less fortunate than ourselves. The whole school collected sweets, toiletries and gifts for the residents of four local care homes to help them to celebrate Christmas and to know that the children of Ghost Hill were thinking of them. We also wore our Christmas Jumpers and Christmas headgear to take part in the annual Santa Run to raise awareness of those people who have nowhere to go at Christmas as well as helping us to keep fit!


On the last day of term Father Christmas and his Little Helper visited all the classes in the school to bring a class present to help with our learning. The children in Year 2 received some new story books to help develop their vocabulary, retrieval and comprehension skills.




Edith Cavell visits Ghost Hill


Visiting Artist


 Kim Bodycombe visited year 2 children to support their art and design skills. She worked across the 2 classes teaching colour mixing, different paint and pastel techniques, blending, shading and to explore different techniques for making African masks. The children listened really well and applied their skills with creativity and flair. The day was finished off with a sharing of completed masks in the school hall.


The children were so focused and the end results were breathtaking!


Red Nose Day


We had a super Red Nose Day! We came dressed in pyjamas and donated £1 each to help others. We also held a second hand mug sale after school - this was the School Council's idea - to help encourage reducing waste and reusing resources. Miss Sorrell our Green Team leader was very proud of the School Council for their awareness and for their promotion of such an amazing idea. This is what our year 2 children said:


 'We wore our pyjamas to help people with no money and to make their life better'

 'Bringing money for Red Nose Day helped lots of people and the refugees'

 'We all bought a £1 in for wearing our pyjamas. Our class raised £28'

 'For Red Nose Day, our school is helping people with no homes'

 'People might use the money to buy food or nice things'




Science Week


During British Science week, we took part in a whole school experiment! Our challenge was to make an egg protector so that our egg did not crack. We worked in groups to design and create our protector thinking about materials and forces. We tested our protectors by dropping them from different heights starting at bronze level all the way to gold, the top of the pirate ship!



Junk Orchestra


To support the music curriculum and to reinforce how anything that we no longer want can be upcycled, we had a visit from the Junk Orchestra. It was FANTASTIC! The children were so engaged and really felt part of an orchestra. 


' I really liked that we mad real music like we were in a show' - Charlie

 'I liked the baby drums as they did not keep the beat, they played the rhythm' - Scarlett

 'All the different instruments were made from used materials. My favourite was the drum made from some old tin cans' - Dottie

 'To beat the drums we used a tennis ball on a stick. We could make different sounds depending how hard we hit the drum' - Arthur

 'I liked the big drums best as you could play the beat. The beater was a stick with a ball on top' - Freya



Mini Monsters!

Ed from Mini Monsters came in to visit Daisy and Poppy classes. He introduced us to lots of interesting animals including 'Gerald' the giant African snail, 'Winston' the bearded dragon and 'Ghosty' the corn snake. We had a fantastic time and learned lots about these amazing animals!

Fab Science visit!


We had a visit from two members of Fab Science to teach us all about potions and spells. This exciting session was an introduction to chemistry and included colour-changing potions, magically inflating balloons, toothpaste for giants and a truly magical dry ice demonstration.

We had a truly amazing time and WOW was certainly the word of the day!




Year 2 P.E.








Odd Socks Day and Children In Need


On Thursday 18th November we all came to school wearing odd socks to show our support for Anti Bullying Week and to recognise that we are all different and unique and that we all have the right to be who we want to be.


On Friday 19th November, we all dressed up to support Pudsey Bear and to raise money for children who are not as lucky as we are. We posted lots of pennies in the boxes that our School Council representatives made and several Pudsey Bears came to school too!






Police Visit...


The local neighbourhood police team came to visit the school on the last day of term to help reinforce some very important messages linked to road safety and parking near the school. The children had a great time asking questions, dressing up and learning some safer parking messages to share with their parents on the school run. 




World Book Day


On Thursday 3rd March we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters as part of World Book Day. We had fun trying to guess the different books represented and also spoke about why we chose the book and character that we came as. We also enjoyed quizzes, word searches and a whole variety of challenges linked to book titles. 



Tri Golf Day


Ghost Hill hosted a  morning of Tri Golf lead by the Schools Sports Partnership. All the pupils were engaged, and they tried all the different stations. There were four different activities where points could be scored at by hitting the cones with the ball. Lots of good shots on target and friendly competition.


Leo “I love this, I play this on the hills with my family”

Reggie “I want to get the 100 point cone”

Isla “I said to myself I don’t want to leave, this is really fun”

Fergus “I liked it when I got the ball in the hoop five times”




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