Welcome to Ghost Hill Infant School and Nursery

Welcome to Ghost Hill Infant School and Nursery

Ghost Hill is a County Infant and Nursery School for girls and boys between the ages of three and seven years. As a newly re-organised infant school from September 2007 it is organised into six age based classes.  It is a day school and at present there are 162 children in the main school. The Nursery accommodates a further 44 part time children. 


We are very proud that OFSTED judged the school to be 'outstanding' in July 2010.

Contact Details

Ghost Hill Infant School and Nursery





Tel: (01603) 860334




Please park responsibly outside our school by avoiding parking on the solid white lines and speed bumps.  This is for the safety of our children and to enable other road users to take care when driving past our school and nursery.  Thank you.

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