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Design and Technology (D&T) - Becoming Designers

Design and Technology (D&T) - Becoming Designers



“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works”
– Steve Jobs


At Ghost Hill, our intent is to ensure our Design & Technology curriculum provides children with progressive skills, understanding, knowledge, and vocabulary to enable them to be resourceful problem solvers.  Children at Ghost Hill make real products or prototypes of real products designed to solve problems in ways, which are relevant to the children’s ages and stages of development. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity but also to consider the needs of the product user - be it themselves or another individual or group.  Children learn that designing and making is a repetitive process through which they will need to continually evaluate their product by testing their ideas and making improvements. They will also use these important critical thinking skills to critique existing products, their own work, and that of others. This is supported by the revisiting of designing, making, and evaluating throughout each unit.