"We like Ghost Hill because we can play with our friends, have fun and learn things." Primrose Class | "We like doing hard stuff and learning new things in maths, science, english and phonics. We also like going on school trips!" Daisy Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning the best." Poppy Class | "We like learning maths and phonics, going to assembly, playing at lunchtime and being with friends." Bluebell Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning new things. Our teachers help us learn numbers, new words and how to write our names." Buttercup Class | "We like coming to Nursery because we have lots of good things to do. We like painting, building and playing outside with our friends." Sunflower Class
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School Council

Ghost Hill School Council


We are proud to have an active School Council at Ghost Hill Infant School. Each class elects two members to represent them on the School Council. These children then report back and collect ideas from their class.


The council meets once a fortnight to talk about whole school issues and new ideas for our School. These ideas are then shared with the Senior Leadership in the School. The School Council is supported by Mrs Tubb.


The School council is very busy across the school year. In November we came to school in fancy dress, held a cake sale and collected small change to raise a total of £400 for Children in Need.


At Christmas time we raise money to support our two sponsered children in Ghana and encourage our classes to bring in items to help fill Shoe Boxes to support families in need across Europe.


During the spring term we take part in the RSPB big school bird watch, counting the birds in our school and submitting our data to the RSPB. We also have lots ideas for celebrating Book Week every March.


For comic relief we sell Red Nose merchandise every lunch time in the library. Our record amount raised during Comic Relief week is £533.


We recently purchased new equipment for our playground including a basketball net and small world farm set. We also purchased caterpillars and nets for each class to observe the life cycle of a butterfly at close range. We have also chosen a suggestion box for the school, so other children in the school can share their ideas with us.


This is what our school council members say they do:

  • We share ideas about the school.
  • We help to make the rules in our school.
  • We raise money to sponsor two children in Ghana.
  • We support national charities.



Above is a picture of our current school council members.

Chris Wilson-Town visited our School Council to discuss the proposed new development for Taverham.


Chris is part of the Taverham Parish Council steering group who have produced a Neighbourhood Plan (see map below) and questionnaire. He shared these plans with our School Council during his visit. He also asked for their opinions about the project and was keen to find out what they would spend money on to make the Taverham area better.




Tree Planting


On Monday 3rd February members of the school council went to Ghost Hill Wood to help the woodland volunteers plant some trees. We planted some Field Maple and Spindle trees, digging holes and making sure all the roots went in to help them grow.

Later we looked on line to find out what the trees will look like when they grow.

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Picture 2
Picture 3