Welcome to Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School , an inclusive, outstanding school in Taverham.
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Science - Becoming Scientists

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Science - 'Becoming Scientists'



“Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding.” – Brian Greene


At Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School we teach Science through hands on practical experimentation and learning - supporting children to 'become scientists'. We aim to create ‘awe and wonder’ moments which ignite children’s curiosity, while giving them the skills to discover and explore independently. We encourage the children to experiment, investigate and analyse and encourage children to use science to take them 'from confusion to understanding' - particularly through real life experiences and scientific enquiry. We teach science through the vehicles of topics from Nursery to Year Two where purposeful links can be made. Science is also covered discreetly to ensure coverage - for example the strand of 'seasonal change' in our Science curriculum runs throughout the year so children can get outside and experience the changes and differences in seasons. To support purposeful scientific enquiry, children have a dedicated afternoon every week for our Science curriculum.