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Year 2 Leaders

Every Year 2 child at Ghost Hill is a leader.


The specific role will change halftermly to give children different opportunities.


The aim  is for all Year 2 children to gain experience in leadership and the skills needed and to be excellent role models and ambassadors for the school.


The children can grow these leadership skills over the year:  communication, listening, confidence, independence, oracy, initiative.




Leadership role

What it will involve

Library leaders

You will initially  have a tour of the library as a group and will understand how the library is organized. You will spend 15 minutes each lunchtime ( not every leader each day ) reading with younger children with books from the library. This can be in the library if there is an adult, or you can use the outdoor classroom for this and replace the books afterwards each day; taking good care of them.  You can also take responsibility for keeping the library tidy. Also be a champion for class book corners!

Playground leaders

You  will be taught some playground games. You can then play these with younger children who want to at playtime and lunchtime. 

Communication leaders

You will help Mrs Westall with the weekly newsletter to parents. You will have your own slot on the newsletter. You will be asked to notice things that might be good on a newsletter ( achievements, updates on learning etc. ) You can handwrite some ideas, type, or draw pictures and give to Mrs Westall throughout the week. Mrs Westall will meet with you at least weekly.

Eco leaders (indoors)

You will be in charge of Tidy Ted each week. You will also remind children and staff to keep inside areas of school tidy. You will notice when coats need putting back on pegs and will do this to help. You will decide who wins the Tidy Ted award on a Friday and give reasons why, at the front of assembly.

Eco leaders (outdoors)

You will identify areas of the outdoors that need maintenance, tidying, a bit of care. You can sweep up some of the leaves and make sure there is no rubbish. You can also come up with ideas on how to improve our outdoor area and maybe do some fundraising. These ideas could be shared in assembly or on a newsletter.

Sports leaders

You can help Mrs Tubb and Mrs Everett set up Sports sessions.

You can make sure that the play equipment outside is well looked after. If you see any sports equipment laying around make sure it goes back in the right place and encourage others to do this too. You might want to stand at the front in a Friday assembly and help give out the Sports Awards.  If you attend a sporting event you could write a recount of the event for assembly and the newsletter. 



Communication Leaders

November 2023


These are children’s thoughts about Junior School. This will help us prepare activities for the transition from Infant to Junior School.


What we are looking forward to:

  • Making new friends
  • New toys
  • Doing fun activities
  • Seeing my sister
  • Doing loads of music
  • Playing on 2 playgrounds
  • Learning
  • Seeing children who used to be at Ghost Hill
  • Seeing my friends from school holiday club


What we are worried about:

  • Meeting new teachers
  • Times tables
  • That teachers might be strict
  • Making new friends
  • How big the school is.


What can we try and do to make things easier?

  • I would like us to visit infinite times!
  • A map for the first couple of weeks
  • I would like my sister to visit me here.
  • Teachers to visit us here.