"I like being special person because I can sit in the special person seat." Evie, Buttercup | "The teachers are kind and help us learn very well. When we get a little bit muddled, they help us." Ollie, Bluebell | "I like playing with the trains. I learn letters. I know A B C D E and T." Tilly, Snowdrop | "I love topic and maths because they are really fun!" Oliver, Poppy | "I like all my friends because they are so kind. The teachers teach me loads of learning." Thea, Buttercup | "I like learning, especially topic. Did you know Florence Nightingale changed nursing all over the world?" Elsie, Poppy | "I am happy at school because we can play in the maze and it helps me not to bump into anyone!" Elijah, Bluebell | "Science is amazing!" Cameron, Primrose | "We learn new things in Science, Maths and English. We get to try new things. Teachers help us when we get stuck and they keep us safe." Charlie W, Daisy
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Ghost Hill Infant & Nursery School

Welcome toGhost Hill Infant & Nursery School



Meet our very experienced and highly committed staff...









In addition, there are the following members of staff:


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Blanch, Mrs Cook, Mrs Corke, Mrs Creasey, Miss Moore,

Mrs D Smith, Mrs Wenham, Mrs Wyer


Higher Level Teaching Assistants:



Mrs Everett, Mrs Tubb (DSL)



Nursery Assistants:


Mrs Colman, Mrs Corlett, Mrs H Smith


Toddler Group Leader:


Mrs Corlett


Lunchtime Staff:


Mrs Catchpole, Mrs Creasey, Mrs Gallant,

Mrs Green, Mrs Morris, Mrs Shannon, Mrs Woodcock