"I like school because I like learning new things and seeing my friends and teachers." Elsie, Primrose Class | "I feel safe in school and I know I can talk to the teachers if I have any worries." James T, Daisy Class | "I like being outside on the obstacle course." Teddy, Bluebell Class | "I like the kitchen in the role play area." Ruby, Snowdrop Class | "I like being with my friends." Jason, Poppy Class | "I like it when we make things... It's creative!" William, Daisy Class | "I like doing work with numbers." Charlie D, Bluebell Class | "I like playing on the wobbly bridge." Elliott, Snowdrop Class | "I like swimming." Jennifer, Poppy Class
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Ghost Hill Infant & Nursery School

Welcome toGhost Hill Infant & Nursery School



Meet our very experienced and highly committed staff...









In addition, there are the following members of staff:


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Creasey, Mrs Corlett, Mrs D Smith, Mrs Cook,

Mrs Blanch, Mrs Corke, Miss Moore, Mrs Wyer, Mrs Wenham


Higher Level Teaching Assistants:



Mrs Tubb, Mrs Everett



Nursery Assistants:


Mrs H Smith, Mrs Corlett, Mrs Colman


Toddler Group Leader:


Mrs Corlett


Lunchtime Staff:


Mrs Creasey, Miss Hannah, Mrs Catchpole, Mrs Tuddenham, Mrs Shannon

Mrs Gallant, Mrs Green, Mr Wilson, Mrs Woodcock