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At Ghost Hill Infant & Nursery School, we aim to equip every child with the skills and enthusiasm to become independent and confident readers. We want our children to love books and to read for pleasure so daily exposure to high quality texts is a crucial part of our pupil's days at home and at school.


Big Cat Phonic Books are used in Reception as part of the phonics session once the first 6 sounds have been introduced. These books are fully decodable and will support the children with their early reading experiences. Picture only reading books will be issued to Reception children after the first curriculum meeting with parents. These books are to build up questioning, discussion and comprehension of stories.


We want our children to love books and to read for enjoyment.  To achieve this, we offer a wide selection of reading books and use a broad range of texts in lessons across the curriculum. Children are also encouraged to enjoy our well-stocked and welcoming library. Reading skills are taught daily in whole class, group and individual reading activities. Our children also enjoy visits from mystery readers, storytellers and authors, trips to the local library, special book weeks, book sales and reading challenges.


The school follows the Oxford Reading Tree book bands from pink to brown.


With the help of Rex Retriever, Victor Vocabulary, Sequencing Susi, Inference Iggy and Predicting Pip (see our Reading Dogs presentation below for more information), children are taught the five key skills needed to become fluent confident readers:


Read: To be able to decode the words.

Retrieve: To recover, call back, recall, regain information from the text.

Explore: To look more closely, scrutinize, examine the authors use of language and viewpoint.

Analyse: To break down into components or essential features, e.g. text conventions, structure and organisation.

Deduce and Infer: To derive as a conclusion from something know, assumed or reasoned. 


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