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Writing - 'Becoming Authors' 




"I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in."

Robert Louis Stevenson


At Ghost Hill we aim to:


 Deliver an engaging & exciting curriculum that helps develop a love of writing & inspires children to want to write.

 Encourage children to be imaginative, and to use this to bring their writing to life.  

Expose children to a wide vocabulary and to focus on vocabulary in every lesson across the whole curriculum

Create a culture where children love to read and take pride in their writing.

Support children to be articulate & confident communicators who express themselves and enhance their learning when engaging in discussions.

Provide children with essential skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation and composition that will be life-long.

Give children opportunities to write for pleasure, purpose and for information.

Develop children into writers with an understanding of the writing process, including proof reading & editing to enhance their work.


Writing is taught using the following programmes and resources:


Daily English lessons using ‘The Write Stuff’ approach by Jane Considine.

Daily phonics lessons using ‘Little Wandle’ SSP scheme

Spelling within English lessons

Handwriting  -Formation is taught as the children learn the sounds for each letter in Little Wandle using a memorable phrase, encouraging an effective pencil grip.

EYFS - When forming letters, the starting point and direction are the most important focus. In KS1 the size and position of the letter on a line is the focus, once they have mastered formation. 


The Write Stuff


The Write Stuff is based on two guiding principles; teaching sequences that slide between experience days and sentence stacking lessons. With modelling at the heart of them, the sentence stacking lessons are broken into bite sized chunks and taught under the structural framework of The Writing Rainbow. Teachers prepare children for writing by modelling the ideas, grammar or techniques of writing.


Key aspects of The Write Stuff


  • The Write Stuff builds pupils confidence with sentence structure.
  • The approach widens the repertoire of writing options for pupils.
  • Pupils gain an understanding of the ‘whole’ piece that they are writing.
  • Organisation of their ideas and cohesion between them is strengthened.