"We like Ghost Hill because we can play with our friends, have fun and learn things." Primrose Class | "We like doing hard stuff and learning new things in maths, science, english and phonics. We also like going on school trips!" Daisy Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning the best." Poppy Class | "We like learning maths and phonics, going to assembly, playing at lunchtime and being with friends." Bluebell Class | "We like Ghost Hill because we like learning new things. Our teachers help us learn numbers, new words and how to write our names." Buttercup Class | "We like coming to Nursery because we have lots of good things to do. We like painting, building and playing outside with our friends." Sunflower Class
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Taverham village fayre

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Taverham fayre this year, which is such a wonderful community event that showcases the amazing talents of so many people! We saw many of you at the Ghost Hill stall, and thanks to all of your generous donations and participation in our variety of games, we managed to raise an amazing £379!


Update: Our lucky squares winner Paul has just collected his winnings and donated £27.50 of it back to the school, pushing our total raised up to £406.50! Thank you Paul :-)